Privacy Policy

We realize that the information we obtain through our website is very important and therefore observe all laws and regulations regarding personal information. In addition, we have established the following policy for the proper gathering, use, and handling of personal information.

1.Use of personal information
The personal information gathered by Gas Review is used for offering and distributing the products and services we handle. It is also used to look into possibilities regarding the development of new products and services.

2.Regarding the handling of personal information
We have taken appropriate security measures to protect the personal information in our possession such as limiting access to this information and anti-virus measures. Devoted to the proper gathering and use of personal information, we are making every possible effort to prevent improper access and loss, as well as tampering and leakage of information. We are dedicated to the proper use of the information.

3.Regarding the gathering of information
We inform those giving us personal information as to the purposes for which it will be used. The gathering of information is kept to the minimum required for our purposes.

4.Regarding the supplying of personal information to third parties
In principle, we do not supply personal information to third parties without the express permission of the person involved. We do, however, supply personal information when required by law to do so. There may, however, be instances whereby we entrust the information we have to certain companies we specify, to the lowest extent possible in order to reach our goal. Personal information may be used in compiling statistics and transferred to third parties but in such a manner that the identity of the person will remain unknown. In this case, we take appropriate measures such as calling upon the company not to supply the information elsewhere and to take measures to prevent leakage.

5.Regarding the revealing, altering, ceasing of use and the relevant laws
Regarding the personal information already gathered, when the person involved has applied for revelation, revision, stoppage of use, we will handle this in accordance with the measures set by the company, after confirming such application.

6.Maintaining and improving the protection of personal information
The Privacy Policy of the company was announced on May 15, 2006. We will strive to engage in appropriate measures to cope with changes in the law and in the legal environment. Since there will be instances of revision, we recommend that you periodically check this policy.


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